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Problem with experts industry
I've been working in education industry for over 10 years and the problem is that there are so many coaches, trainers, gurus that you have to spend most of your team chosing the real experts who have the technology and can deliver the results they promise no matter what.

Luckily we've done this work for you. And only work with modest professionals who are might not have big brands and million followers in social media. What they have is technology for transformation and thousands of cases that proved their great work.

Usually this people are known through word of mouth and recommendations.
Our mission is to bring them closer to you.
Liubov Shlapai

Tilda Publishing
We are trusted by stars, private individuals, companies and entrepreneurs from 20+ countries
Tilda Publishing
What cases our clients solved at the sessions:
Tilda Publishing
–Move faster towards your goals.
–Increasing your income
–Break through fear of public speaking
– Find your partner and soulmate in life
– Be at the peak performance
–Get in the best shape possible and maintain the results
–Reached the financial ceiling and want a breakthrough to new level
– Improve performance of your team
– Don't know how to close sale with that big client
– Want to sell a company or finalise an agreement
–Attracting the right team and partners
Tilda Publishing
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Tell us about your goals or roadblocks. We connect you with top experts around the world, or near you. We only provide service to clients who do great things in the world
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Get results fast
We work at Transformational Institute only with experts we tested ourselves and got results proved in our own life
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We will create your personal plan to serve your goals. It might 1 or 5 sessions with our experts.
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