Our easy-to-follow coaching programme has helped 130 thousands people around the world for long-term behavioral change & sustainable weight loss
Eric Edmeades, Founder WILDFIT
We all have habits. Things we do, every day, without really thinking about them. Morning coffee. Lunchtime crisps. Evening drive. Night time drink.

Sometimes we don't even notice we're doing them. But we do notice their impacts. We notice when we're feeling a bit slower, or our jeans are a bit tight, or we find it harder to get up in the morning.

WILDFIT was created by Eric Edmeades. He's spent years studying habits. We know they're the things shaping your decisions, like what you reach for when you're hungry, how you get to work, even how you eat.

We've used research, evolutionary biology and insights to create a coaching program that helps you rewire your food habits. Using behavioral science, our coaching program makes it easy for you to form new habits, ones that help you stop emotional eating, eat healthier and feel better. Habits that help you lose weight, and keep it off.
What makes WILDFIT different?
We equip you with all of the tools and support you need to improve your relationship with food and take control of your health.

Once you start the challenge you will get a personal food coach and digital support-group. Our programme takes a holistic approach and avoids unsustainable methods like calorie counting.

Access to certified coach
No gym and exercising
No calorie counting
No willpower
Online support group
Check-lists, guides, recipe book
How WILDFIT works?
Ok, you've tried all the diets and counted all the calories. And you still are not achieving and not sustaining your long-term health or weight loss goals. So why not forget diet and quick fixes and try WILDFIT.

Based on behavioral change models and evolutionary biology 9/10 of our clients get more than they expected.

Step by step program used by 130 thousand people around the world helps you to make small lifestyle changes to improve relationships with food, eat healthy, lose weight and keep it off. And our coaching program puts you in control all the way. Learn new ideas about food, track your new habits, keep the food journal, get new recipes.
You will receive support, motivation and advice from your personal certified coach and your own group who start their weightloss journey at the same time as you. And all for the price of morning cup of coffee

Designed with science, proved to work by thousands of clients, leaving 80% happier than expected on losing weight

So why not make lifestyle changes starting today?

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